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The Cons of Home-Based Teeth Whitening

For both men and women, gleaming smiles are the hallmark of beauty and health. Few cosmetic dental treatments such as too home-based teeth whitening are safe. Despite their aesthetic perks of ensuring you have a polished smile, whitening procedures carry numerous Cons. The following are the cons of home-based teeth whitening:


Huge Teeth Whitening Costs

According to the rates of American Cosmetic Dentistry, Whitening treatments are relatively exjmknb3e5dr52wetd62y72pensive. The cost costs range from $700 to $1000 when you perform it in a dental office and a price tag of $350 to $650 for home-based bleaching kits. Since dental insurance rarely covers the tooth-whitening procedures cost, you will most likely pay for the full amount of money for your treatment. Surely, not many people can afford such huge amount of money for home-based teeth treatment.

Does it last?

Tooth-whitening procedures are temporary (not permanent), and you may need multiple treatments to maintain a bright and clear smile. Most of the home-based teeth whitening normally last between 2-3 years before teeth started to regain its darker and stained appearance. However, those who smoke, drink coffee, chew tobacco, or consume other staining beverages and foods, the darkening of their teeth may start immediately after treatment.

Are you a candidate for tooth whitening?

The success rates of tooth-whitening procedures have been questioned in many cases. This means individuals who do them are likely to experience side effects after sometimes when done poorly. Also, whitening chemicals rarely change a color of crowns, tooth-colored fillings or bonding materials; if these materials might appear on the visible sections of your smile, which makes most of the tooth-whitening procedures to be based on luck.

You do not to attempt a procedure not only to have problems with your teeth after some years. Some tooth stains can result from using certain drugs—such as tetracyclines—may be unresponsive to these bleaching treatments.

Treatment: The Dos and Dont’s

Although home-based teeth whitening treatments are normally safe, the procedure may result in numerous uncomfortable side effects. Also, bleaching may increase the teeth sensitivity for some days after treatment, which may lead to pain when drinking or eating. You may be at a risk for teeth sensitivity if you have faulty dental restorations, gum recession, or cracked teeth. After the home-based teeth whitening, you may feel sharp or spontaneous pains in the front part of teeth shortly using a peroxide-based whitener.

The above are the cons of home-based teeth whitening treatment solutions that you should know before attempting it.